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About Me:

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Moran was born in Cambodia, near the border of Vietnam.  

Cambodian art & culture, Angkor Wat, and the natural tropical landscapes (forests, rivers & the great lake Tonle Sap) influenced his artistic mind.  As a boy, he entertained himself by making figures of animals & people from clay found in the riverbanks.  As the Vietnam War came to an end, the Cambodian Genocide by the Khmer Rouge began.  Moran was separated from his family as a teen during the brutal Khmer Rouge regime. In 1975 he escaped and made his way to a refugee camp in Thailand. A year later, he arrived in San Bernardino, California as part of a US refugee program.  After learning English and earning his GED, Moran started college at Cal State San Bernardino in 1978.  In 1980, he studied abroad for a semester at the University of Paris.  The art & culture in France changed his outlook and his major.  During college Moran showed his work in Southern California art festivals such as Burbank - 1985, La Quinta – 1985, & Beverly Hills – 1986.  Moran earned a Dual Bachelor’s Degree in French and Fine Arts, with an emphasis in glass sculpture at Cal State University, San Bernardino in 1986.  

Over the years, his style has changed from sculpting a single subject in one material - stone, bronze, glass or ceramics; to incorporating a mixture of those media in order to create a complete artistic idea.  Currently, Moran is focusing on fused glass art.

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